2022 Cup Series

Presidents Cup
May 6-8 Round robin - VOA,
Warren County Soccer Complex, Warrior Soccer Complex
May 21-22 Semis and Finals
June 16-20 Regionals (St. Louis MO)
July 7-10 Nationals (Greensboro, NC)

State Cup
May 28-30 Round Robin
June 4-5 Semis and Finals
June 23-29 NCS Regionals (Westfield, IN)
July 19-24 NCS Nationals (Orlando, FL)

Governors Cup
May 6-8 Round Robin
May 21-22 Semis and Finals

Important Notice:  Complete w9 and IC forms for Referee payments for working the CUP events:  (click here)

Please go to www.horizonwebref.com to look up the OPEN Games and sign up.

Click Here for Referee Handout for Presidents Cup Round Robin

Click Here for Referee Handout for Round Robin - TBA

Presidents Cup Fees (RR Weekend May 6-8):



1.  Be at the site 45 Minutes prior to the match to check in at the Referee Tent (Warrior and Warren County sites) or the Referee check in at the Building (VOA).

2.  Referees Must complete the W-9 Form and Sign up Form prior to any match (No Exceptions).

3.  Must complete the Match card.   All players MUST be verified.   No verification or player cards, immediately contact the site managers to verify.  If this is not done properly, the team will be disqualified.

4.  Referees MUST add time.  These are USSF games.  DO NOT END THE GAME without adding time.  In the last minute of the match, notify the ARs of how much time you are adding so they can communicate it to the coaches.  Allow promising attacks to complete.

5.  Players are competing to go to the regional and national games.  Help them enjoy the game.

6.  There will be administrators at the site who can help you with questions with cards or any problems with parents and coaches.

BJ Jabbari, OSA SYRA   (513) 225-5565